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"Nature and peace"
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We are situated only 3 minutes from the village of Canillas de Aceituno that extends over the sides of the Sierra Tejeda, to the north of the Axarquía region. Its lands rise to the vicinity of the Maroma peak (2.065 m.) through a landscape of pines and rocky places which cover almost all the northern half of the municipality.

The spectacular nature is present in every corner of the sierra, as much for its attractiveness as for the panoramas one can contemplate. But if one had to chose a particular spot, this would be the ravine of the Almachares river, which cuts the mountain between the Rabita and Jalana mountain passes and comes out among gorges and pine groves at La Raije, next to the road which goes from Canillas de Aceituno to Sedella. There, the visitor can use the lay bys to stop awhile and enjoy the shade of the woods and the water from the springs.

On the south, Canilla de Aceituno has the characteristic landscape of the Axarquía mountains: hills which are sometimes craggy and other times rounded, covered in vines and olive trees. And where the landscape and the existence of water permits, there are small areas of irrigated land, where vegetables, citrus and fruit trees grow. In this typically Axarquia panorama there are an abundance of farmhouses, often accompanied by areas for drying out the raisins.

Canillas de Aceituno